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Meet Miss Abeliuk

     I am so excited to be beginning my fourth year at Highlands!  I love being a part of such a connected community that focuses on the growth of our students through positivity with an emphasis on the love of learning.  A little about me...My professional background is in child development and I earned my BA and MA in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University, as well as my teaching credential from Saint Mary's College.  Prior to teaching a variety of different elementary grade levels, I taught Pre-Kindergarten in Danville for 3 years.  When I am not making things to use in the classroom, I am a runner (sort of!), love exploring on my bike or anywhere near water, doing my artsy craftsy things and making jewelry and vintage hair bows among other things sold in local boutiques and my Etsy shop.  I look forward to a new year with our first graders filled with laughter, fun and lots of learning!  

Emily Abeliuk

We're off to see the Wizard!...

Check out some of our Emerald City Writing we wrote about the importance of the setting to the story and our favorite character from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Direct-A-Draw!

Welcome to First Grade With Miss A. !

This is our class website where you will be able to access lots of important information, including a digital copy of our Weekly Class Newsletter, current weekly curriculum focuses, quick links to helpful resources and reminders of important upcoming dates.  

Our classroom works to foster and empower students as they fulfill our Highlands Mission Statement:

"We are a community of students, educators, and families working together to create a student-centered, engaging and safe environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and persevering through challenges. We will facilitate the social and emotional growth through collaboration to create impactful members of the community."

Back to School Basic Routines/Procedures



"School to Home Communication Folder and "Book Bag"

This year at Highlands ALL classrooms will be using the same organizational program. Your child will be bringing home a BLUE “School to Home Communication Folder” EVERY NIGHT. This folder will be returned EVERY DAY. This folder will have your student’s completed work and short nightly reading/assignments that need to be completed that evening.


The plastic bag will be your first grader’s BOOK BAG.  These are ziplock bags that will contain your child’s reading books for the night and are returned DAILY with the books, as well.  Books will be switched out on a regular basis once our program is up and running.

Home Learning

Yes, it is homework. It is NOT designed to be a battle or painful and if it is please discuss it with me. Your child’s blue folder has 3 plastic sleeves inside.  NOTHING is removed from these sleeves...these are resources and practice guides for you to use at home with your child. I will update/change them as needed.  The colored paper one page paper reader (has the week's phonics focus and sight words) will be sent home attached to your weekly homework packet and is to be practiced at home nightly that week and then KEPT AT HOME for continual practice.  

1-Sight word sleeve...These are the words your child is responsible for during the Language Art unit that we are currently focusing on.

2-Math sleeve...These are numbers to 100 and adding numbers within 5 currently, but will change as we progress with our Fast Math Facts. This is to encourage counting and adding and subtracting on one hand.

*The left side pocket is labeled NEWSLETTER/INFO./HOMEWORK/THINGS TO RETURN TO SCHOOL POCKET: The weekly Classroom Newsletter will be sent home on Mondays in this pocket, as well as the week's homework packet to be completed and returned each FRIDAY.  If something is added into that pocket (this won't be often) it is homework that needs to be completed THAT evening. If there is nothing...then it is assumed you will be working on sight words, numbers, and reading.

***Reading for 20 minutes a night is an absolute must. It makes or breaks your child’s daily confidence in the classroom.

*The right side pocket is labeled COMPLETED WORK/EMPTY AND KEEP AT HOME:  This is where you can find completed work usually from the week handed back on Fridays.

Helpful Resources and Quick Links

Weekly Class Newsletters

                          Class Dojo 

                        Clever to access iready, iready, Britannica and other school links

                        Daily Class Schedule 

                        Weekly Take Home Read Aloud Journal Directions

                        Monthly Lunch Menu   

                        Extra practice with Language Arts Curriculum for

Wonders (including spelling activities and worksheet)

Bedtime Math A fabulous bedtime routine to sharpen math skills and brain development!

                        Important Documents from our school website 



Class Wish List and Needs

*glue sticks (Elmer's large)


*plastic bags (Ziploc large and small)

*Lysol or Clorox wipes

*facial tissue

*Small dispensers of hand soap

*white construction paper (8 1/2 x 11 size) 


How To Contact Me

The best way to contact me is through email using this address:

OR send me a message through our Class Dojo app

Weekly Phonics Focus/Sight Words/Small and Large Red Reader Stories

Phonics Pattern:

Unit 3.4(long o and long u): hope, nose, note, rope, cute, cube,*nice,*ledge,*ago,*people

*review or sight word

Sight Words:

boy, girl, how, ago, old, people

Red Reader Stories:  

Long Ago and Now, From Horse to Plane, Life at Home

These need to come back in the bag with the Blue Folder each time they come home



By clicking the Scholastic logo above, you can order books from this month's Scholastic book order.

The book order flyer is sent home monthly in the Friday Folder.

Here are the steps to place your order online:  

1.After clicking the logo above, click "Parents Get Started"

2.  Enter the 5-Digit Class Code, NGGN9 and click "Submit"

3. Shop away for books and I will finalize your order and your books will be delivered to our class

Our CLASS WISH LIST can be accessed HERE or through the Scholastic Site


Important Upcoming Events and Dates

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

Fri. 01/18: Student of The Month awards at lunch

Mon. 01/21: MLK Holiday NO SCHOOL

Wed. 01/30:  100th Day of School!

Mon. 02/4: teacher work day NO SCHOOL  


We have a substitute librarian, therefore we can check out books again!  Library books will be due every Monday!