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Homework Practice Sheets

Instant Words lists will go home every few weeks.  These words have been taught and practiced in class, so the lists are a support to further master the high-frequency words.


Structural Passages targeting common prefixes and suffixes will be going home every few weeks.  These passages have also been taught, practiced, and studied in class.  Students will benefit from quick, nightly oral readings focusing on a fluent and nuanced reading of the passage.  The goal is for their reading to approximate the intonation and rhythm of  their normal speech.

Michael Slater

Welcome to Room 7!

Room 7 Weekly Notes 12/4/17

Last Week We:

  • Studied and worked with the suffixes: -n, -en, -ly
  • Reviewed synonyms and began working with antonyms
  • Reviewed, compared, and practiced r-controlled vowels
  • Focused on writing complete, coherent, and grammatically correct answers to prompts/questions
  • Reviewed and practiced strategies for basic addition and subtraction equations
  • Practiced strategies and methods for solving word problems involving addition with multi-digit numbers
  • Began work on paragraph writing and revision

This Week We Will:

  • Review and practice passages utilizing the common suffixes studied this fall
  • Continue to focus on improving fluency in oral reading
  • Review comprehension strategies with a focus on developing guiding questions
  • Continue work with antonyms
  • Continue work with synonyms and incorporate them in writing practices
  • Continue focus on r-controlled vowels with a focus on /ir/ur/er/
  • Continue the focus on writing grammatically correct, coherent paragraphs
  • Continue work with parts of speech--adverbs
  • Review estimation as a problem solving strategy
  • Practice and work with strategies for solving addition/subtraction equations involving two digit numbers
  • Practice strategies and methods for for solving word problems involving addition or subtraction

* 12/11   Parent-Teacher Conferences begin (Dismissal at 1:00 every day until Winter Break)

* 12/25   Winter Break begins

Weekly Routines

P.E. takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings--students should be sure to wear safe, appropriate shoes.

Library is on Tuesday and books are returned weekly.

Music is on Friday.